MoxZones solutions for humon hex users

Our mission

When thousands of users of the SmO2 Humon Hex sensor suddenly ran out of service, we as distributors of the product in Spain were forced to act. 

Since then we have not stopped working and we have already finished the trial version of the new App for Garmin. We continue developing the new and improved App for iOS and Android, as well as the new web platform and we hope to be able to publish them as soon as possible. 

We are convinced that SmO2 is a vital information for the modern training of any athlete and this certainty encourages us to continue working with enthusiasm and illusion to be able to offer the advantages of having this information IN REAL TIME.

The new and improved Garmin app of Moxzones is now available for download at the Connect IQ store for € 10.00 + VAT (one-time payment).
  1. When you download the new Moxzones data screen in Garmin IQ, you will see the message “TRIAL HAS ENDED” and a number. You need to note down this number. It does NOT correspond to the ID of your Garmin device.
  2. Then please go to the shop on our page https://moxzones.net/shop  and add the app to the cart. At the end of the purchase you need to fill in the information for the invoice. IMPORTANT NOTE – IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT IN “Order Notes” YOU PUT THE number that appears on your garmin screen when you try to download the app and the model of your Garmin device so that we can send you your code.
  3. With this code you can activate the Moxzones screen of your Garmin in Connect IQ.

The MoxZones Solutions

New app for Garmin

The "MoxZones" data field allows you to see a) the HUMON SmO2 values ​​and graphs, with the colors that indicate your level of effort during the exercise and b) the values ​​of the heart rate, with lines indicating 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100% of the HR. ALL IN REAL TIME!

New app for smartphones + Web platform

THE NEW APP FOR SMARTPHONES + WEB PLATFORM is now available. HUMON users can now download the new app for ANDROID much more complete and powerful than the one that existed previously. Together with the web platform it allows you to store all your recorded workouts in the moxzones app. We will also make the new app for iOS available soon.

The HUMON device

The humon hex device measures muscle oxygen IN REAL TIME. It guides you through your warm-up to reduce the risk of injury. It tells you how much you have to adjust your pace, letting you know when to reduce your effort or when you’re going beyond your threshold. It monitors your recovery and alerts you when you are recovered or ready for your next set interval. To learn more or purchase a device you can visit the website www.humon.es 

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