The app for Garmin


  • In our spirit of continually improving our software we have included the colors of the humon device to be able to visualize them on the WKO platform.
  • This new version is also compatible with Moxy and BSX sensors.
  • Improvements in colors and font size.
  • To obtain this new version you must update it with your mobile phone or in GARMIN Express.
mujes ejercicio

Information about Garmin

After having downloaded the data field to your Garmin device, the screen can be added like any native data field. In small data field formats, the screen will not look very good, so we recommend to include only 1 data field, this way you will see the graph with the colors and % SmO2. You can view THb data on the Garmin Connect screen when you download your workout. This information is displayed in native Garmin activities and saved in a .fit file in the device to be uploaded to Garmin Connect.


Your can set up following  data fields on your phone:

  • Maximum Time Shown
  • Exercice Type
  • Humon Device ID
  • Show reference lines in graph?
  • Sensor Type?
  • No Conexion Color
  • Recovery Zone Color
  • Staedy State Color
  • Approaching Limin Zone Color
  • Limit Zone Color
  • Out of Zone Color
  • No Humon Hex

Garmin screen samples