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The new and improved app for ANDROID is now available. Moxzones is the app to measure Sm02, distance, time, pace, speed and much more IN REAL TIME. You can choose between the type of Interval or Endurance training and different types of sports activities.

The App works in conjunction with the web platform. There are several plans available from BASIC for all types of athletes to  COACH for coaches that can monitor athletes in real time.

First you need to download the MoxZones app from the Google Play Store. You need to register by entering your email address and password.

Then, you need to go to the page and log in with the same data entered in the moxzones app.
Finally you need to choose and purchase one of the subscriptions.

After having purchased a subscription, the request will be received by our team who will inform you via email when your subscription is activated and ready to be used both the app and the web platform.